Since 2014 only available for select projects.

I had a chance last night to preview some of your compositions. They are very moving and beautiful. And dark. Very dark 😉 Thanks for leaving me depressed for the rest of the night 🙂
– Damir Price, composer, co-owner redcola

2012 – 2014 – Placement of more than 100 tracks in production music libraries like SyncTracks, Ton4U and musicbed

Selection of projects:

2015 – TV Documenary Nightmare Neighbour Next Door – Episodes S01E4, So1E6 – Channel 5

2015 – TV Documentary Mummy’s Little Murderer – Channel 5

2014 – PC Game Road So Far by VitalyM Games

2014 – iPad Game What The Shell by Ludisto

2013 – Short Film Six Seconds To Die by Jack De La Mare

2013 – Ouya Game Poker Solitaire by Ludisto

2012 – Short Documentary Passion Drivers by G-Technology

2012 – Image Film for EOL Group

2012 – Short Film Generation Mutation by Alex Lotz

2011 – PC Game Grrr’s Abenteuer in Malaxia by genialix

2011 – Short Film E.D.E.N. by Philipp Mößner

I have to admit [the tracks] are really quite wonderful! I got lost in thought just listening to “It’s Weighing You Down”. In places it almost sounds familiar, as if I had heard it maybe on that TV show ‘HEROES’ ?  Anyways, it’s really great!
– Ellian Bell, Artist Relations and Administration, Bedtracks

Demo Reel


Short Film 6 Seconds To Die

Ouya Game Poker Solitaire

Short Documentary Passion Drivers