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I have worked on over a dozen short film scores and video game soundtracks. More recently, I’ve worked on scoring different podcast projects (TBA).

I had a chance last night to preview some of your compositions. They are very moving and beautiful. And dark. Very dark 😉 Thanks for leaving me depressed for the rest of the night 🙂
– Damir Price, composer, co-owner redcola

2012 – Now: Placement of more than 100 tracks in production music libraries like SyncTracks, Ton4U, musicbed and Crimesonics. My music has been featured in TV shows such as Britain’s Crime Capitals, Conspiracy, Tattoo Distasters UK, Winter Road Rescue, Trauma DoctorsNightmare Neighbour Next Door and Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman.

2020 – Release of album “oh“, which was created in one month

2019 – Winner of Sample Hero Scoring Competition.

Selection of projects:

2018 – Title song for Forget the Box podcast by Stareable.

2014 – Four Reasons -Documentary by Thomas Brießmann – Link to Trailer

2014 – PC Game Road So Far by VitalyM Games

2014 – iPad Game What The Shell by Ludisto

2013 – Short Film Six Seconds To Die by Jack De La Mare

2013 – Ouya Game Poker Solitaire by Ludisto

2012 – Short Documentary Passion Drivers by G-Technology

2012 – Image Film for EOL Group

2012 – Short Film Generation Mutation by Alex Lotz

2011 – PC Game Grrr’s Abenteuer in Malaxia by genialix

2011 – Short Film E.D.E.N. by Philipp Mößner

I have to admit [the tracks] are really quite wonderful! I got lost in thought just listening to “It’s Weighing You Down”. In places it almost sounds familiar, as if I had heard it maybe on that TV show ‘HEROES’ ?  Anyways, it’s really great!
– Ellian Bell, Artist Relations and Administration, Bedtracks